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Sheer Dams 4 units
Sheer Dams 4 units

Sheer Dams 4 units

GLYDE SHEER DAMS BLACK/COLA 4 PCS are flavored latex barriers for vegans.

Ultra-thin latex barriers in a size of 25cm x 15cm (approximately), specifically designed for oral intercourse (intimate kisses to side a and side b).

Most men and women are not yet aware of the risks associated with unprotected oral sex. If there is no barrier there may be many infectious agents that can be transmitted, including for example genital herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS. These barriers are ideal for minimizing the risk of transmissible infections. It is recommended to use these barriers with a water soluble lubricant so that couples can have a more sensual experience. They're silky smooth and lightly scented, so you can smell your partner's body and the lovely fruit-flavored barriers instead of latex.

Box of 4 units.

Main features:

Latex barriers.
Dimensions 25cm x 15cm.
Taste: Cola/Mixed
Silky texture.
Box of 4 units

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