Menstrual cup


Menstrual cup

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Liebe menstrual cups are for all women who want to have a much more comfortable, safe, simple, ecological, economical and hygienic life. The Liebe menstrual cup is a medical silicone container that is inserted inside the female organ (just like a tampon during menstruation), adapting to the vaginal walls at all times regardless of the movement we make, and collects all the flow inside the cup. We can carry the cup up to 12 hours inside the vagina without having to worry, depending of the stream we have. And it has unlimited use. Since we can remove it and put it as many times as you want. It is used daily throughout the cycle. Then it can be worn overnight without any problems. Then, just sterilize with boiling water and keep it in its cotton bag until your next period. With it, we will eliminate tampons, pads and panty liners for life, protecting the planet, as we produce no waste. We also remove stains, spills and worries. These menstrual cups are made of medical silicone, perfectly designed for all women, both those with allergies and those without. They also do not scratch or dry the vaginal walls and leave no fibers, unlike traditional tampons. Its duration is up to 15 years with proper maintenance and it only takes 4 months to recover the investment.By purchasing the menstrual cup and leaving out the other popular methods, we improve health, the environment, the world and our wallet.Two sizes are available, the small and the large one: The small one is indicated for women under 30 and for women over 30 who have undergone a cesarean delivery. The large one is indicated for all women over 30, whether they have had children or not.