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Probably the most powerful remote controlled vibrating couple on the market. But what distinguishes the Oninder egg from the others? Powerful and deep vibrations focused especially on the CUV area, the result is extremely intense peaks.

SCULPTURED FOR YOUR PLEASURE Discover the stimulation tips of the CUV area.

Enjoy intense sensations and discover new forms of self-pleasure with the Oninder EGG CUV zone stimulator. Let it flow inside you as your lover gives you the most enlightened pleasure and enjoy an intense and unbearably pleasant CUV zone climax. Abandon yourself to its impeccable design and ride the waves of pleasure whenever you feel like it.

EXTREMELY QUIET - The maximum sound level of 55dB allows you to use it anywhere and anytime in total discretion.
Meet Oninder Egg

Improve your life and boost your self-confidence with a quiet yet powerful vibrating egg. Enjoy endless pleasure anytime, anywhere.
How to play
Oninder's egg is inserted into the v during intercourse and focuses on the CUV area. A little water-based lube will make the sensations even better.
- Ergonomically perfect for pleasure.
When used during intercourse, the Oninder Egg adjusts to fit your body, making you feel the vibrations down to the last millimeter of your CUV zone. Its ergonomic shape is easy to adjust and stays put once you find the perfect fit.
- IPX7 waterproof
Oninder Egg is waterproof (IPX7), easy to use anywhere and simple to clean.
- Oninder app
Unlock new toy control features with the Oninder app. Touch the smartphone screen to change the vibration and intensity settings, even from a distance.
Step up your game with the Oninder App and get the most out of your ONINDER EGG.

With this vibrating massager not only can you choose from pre-set combinations of intensity and vibrations, you can also share the innovative app-based control. Simply download the free ONINDER application to your Android or iOS device and connect your smartphone or tablet.

Share your pleasure with other users around the world. Try vibrating to the rhythm of your favorite Spotify playlist directly on your Oninder Egg; your creativity has no limits thanks to this remote control app. You can also allow your partner to take over or control other users' ONINDER via social media.

Experience unexpected adventures and venture into completely new digital worlds with the Oninder app. Naturally, the app complies with the GDPR and all European data protection regulations. This way you can completely relax and take your life to a new level - what are you waiting for? Hours of passionate pleasure await you.
- Powerful engine
- Can also be used without the app
- Infinite variety of vibration programs via the application
- Waterproof (IPX7)
- Li-ion battery (USB charger included)
- Soft medical silicone
- 2 year guarantee
Finally comes an "app" that will improve your 2023: ONINDER.
The social network of toys

Find love with the right person or build trust as a couple by playing remotely with Oninder toys.
Oninder, what it is and how it works

In short, ONINDER is an application that allows the user to connect with other online profiles to make friends, expand the contact list worldwide and even get temporary or permanent partners.

Oninder is an application that allows you to play with people in different parts of the world or to build confidence as a couple, as well as an online dating service that was initially developed in Europe for the European market. However, we are confident in its popularity and its expansion in other countries of the European continent. This online service is currently available in different parts of the world including Latin America and soon Asia as well.

How does it work

You create a profile on Oninder and join a free private club.

Free registration is a common procedure in dating applications, because it is beneficial to both parties, both for the company and for the potential user.

Once you have created your free account, you can log in to search for other users' profiles. Profiles that have been selected taking into account the filters that you have previously activated when registering.

Likewise, the more specific your priorities are about the people you are interested in meeting, the better chance you have of being successful in your search. On the other hand, if your strategy is more quantitative than qualitative, why do you want to have a wider spectrum to choose from.

It is not mandatory to upload a photo, so you can browse with some privacy and if you want to continue trying Oninder for free.

Connect on a deeper level with the new ONINDER app

Designed to explore and strengthen couple relationships, the ONINDER app offers a space to play, wherever you are.

Here is the app

Check and play.

Oninder allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations. With multivibration you can do more: choose between different vibration patterns or switch motors when using a dual motor toy.

start the conversation
Oninder is a platform that makes it easy to express yourself openly and freely about your wishes.

Tell your partner what you like and ask for what you want, even in the heat of the moment.

Creating vibrations
Use the different levels and pleasure curves that increase or decrease the intensity of the vibration, let your imagination run wild as the application surprises you with irresistible rhythms.

Love for true LOVERS
Whether you're across the room or across the ocean, you can share the pleasure with your partner. Pair your toys with apps on both phones to control different vibration modes, experience the magic of technology on an amorous level.

What game modes does Oninder offer?
- At a distance

Control your partner's pleasure through the ONINDER app or let him control you, regardless of physical distance. With the ability to synchronize your toys to experience the same sensations, we promise that the relationship on video or on the phone will never be the same.
- I play in public

Use a toy with a partner in different public places and see if you can hold back the moans.
- Solo play

Toys help increase self-esteem and personal happiness. With our app, an ONINDER toy and a little imagination, life is at your feet for as long as you need.
- Meet Oninder players

Distance is not a problem. Send a checkout link to a friend or have strangers check out your toy for some naughty virtual love.
But can I meet new people who use ONINDER toys?

ONINDER is not just an application for dating games, but a "Social Network for Love Gamers" that will connect you with people from all over the world.

In the past, if you wanted to play with your partner or someone you didn't know, you had to have a physical meeting point. There are so many options today that it's very easy to get lost, and the players you are close to may not have the same tastes as you.
This is where ONINDER comes into play, a platform that tries to connect amorous players from all over the world, thanks to algorithms that take care of analyzing the personal tastes of each user.

The creators of this "social network for amorous gamers" assure that thanks to their service "activity among toy users will increase significantly". To do this, we will have to enter some data and thus create our "love player profile".