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Love Balls Set
Love Balls Set
Love Balls Set
Love Balls Set

Love Balls Set

The Love Balls Set is a pack of Chinese balls made up of 4 interchangeable balls of different weights and two holders, one single and the other double.

Made of medical silicone (supports), very soft and pleasant, and ABS (balls). The supports are lilac in color and the spheres are two burgundy, one pink and one coral. It has a very light design, with a heart-shaped detail where the balls are exchanged and a very comfortable and thin recovery cord made of the same material. They are discreet and adapt very well to all types of bodies. Fully submersible and very easy to clean.

Conceived and designed for Kegel training and good toning of the pelvic floor. They help keep the pelvic muscles in tune, increasing sensitivity, improving apexes and avoiding urinary incontinence. Due to its variety of weights, a routine can be followed gradually, starting with the lightest ones and continuing to the heaviest ones. Inside each ball we find a ball which, when the body moves, creates soft blows which help the contraction of the female organ. Their weights are: 18 g (pink), 32 g (coral) and 2 x 57 g (garnet).

For their maintenance, it is sufficient to clean them with warm water and neutral PH soap, adding the use of a toy cleaner to complete their hygiene. A little water-based lubricant is enough to make it easier to introduce. Includes a short guide to its use.

Main features:

Kegel exercise balls.
Gradual exercise.
Pack of 4 interchangeable balls.
Single support and double support.
Made of silicone/ABS.
Light, soft and discreet.
Heart-shaped detail.
Slim and comfortable retrieval cable.
Submersible and easy to clean.
Weight: 18 g (pink), 32 g (coral) and 2 x 57 g (garnet).
Includes a short user guide.
The use of water-based lube is recommended for a more pleasant experience.

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