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Hold Spinner Pixel

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Spinner 04 Pixel is a massager made of elastomer and body in Polypropylene.

It has a completely new internal coil, it spins the Spinner as you insert it, transmitting an incredible unique sensation with every stroke. Its internal design is a helix of delicate, enveloping knots, in the form of delicate ribs with a stepped structure and a very beautiful spiral edge. Pixel will give you unparalleled sensations with every movement you make, it is very flexible and adapts to any type of rod (17cm insertion length and 5.5cm insertion width).

It has an ergonomic shape that will guarantee you a perfect grip to enjoy the Spinner whenever you feel like it. It is a reusable massager and very easy to clean. Some warm water and PH neutral soap, in addition to its case if you take off the bottom cover, you will find a practical structure that works to dry the massager and once dry, cover it and store it in a dry place away from sunlight .

Each model of the Tenga Spinner has a completely different internal structure to give you truly exclusive sensations, with materials of different hardness depending on the experience provided.

Main features:
- Made of elastomer and polypropylene shell.
- Innovative internal coil.
- As the Spinner spins, it delivers a unique and incredible feel with every stroke.
- Interior design with a helix of delicate and enveloping knots.
- Ribbed shape with stepped structure and very beautiful spiral edge.
- Fits any type of rod.
- Insertion length 17cm and insertion width 5.5cm.
- Ergonomic shape for a perfect grip.
- Reusable and easy to clean.
- Bottom cover designed to let the massager dry after each use.


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