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Massage Oil Stons Amber Jojoba 100 m

Massage Oil Stons Amber Jojoba 100 m

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HARMONIZING MASSAGE OIL WITH ORGANIC INGREDIENTS AND AMBER STONES JOJOBA 100ML is a harmonizing and relaxing massage oil ideal for daily use, alone or in company.

This oil is made with all-natural ingredients, which help relax, hydrate and nourish the skin. Aromatherapy combines the benefits of massage for a total feeling of well-being in body and mind. Inside the bottle there are some amber stones which, among others, have various beneficial properties for the human body.

Psychic action: Of great help in overcoming states of sadness. It tends to give balance in cases of great discouragement. Its vibration helps strengthen memory. Strengthens the spirit and gives the necessary inner strength to people who are afraid to undertake new things or who lack initiative for fear of failure; fear of appearing in public Effective for reversing behaviors with tendencies to fall into religious mania.

Energetic Action: It has the ability to absorb negative energy, which allows you to get rid of the worries that prevent the harmonious development of the person. Thanks to its high electromagnetic conductivity, it acts on the biomagnetic field by cleaning it from impurities. In short, amber takes away bad moods and transmits positive energy.

100ml container.

Main features:

Massage oil.
Natural ingredients.
Moisturizing and nourishing.
Includes amber stones.
100ml container.

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