lovara (nuova marca)

lovara (new brand)

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Judgments, prejudices, fear of contact, taboo! Even in 2022, sex is not just fun, it must be justified to oneself and to others.

It doesn't matter what your preferences are, who you love or what you love: do it as you please. Whether it's a man, woman, straight, homo or bisexual, the important thing is to let it happen and clear your mind. Sex is so much more fun.


It doesn't matter with whom, how or what, we are convinced that there are no taboos, as long as it feels good.

And to make sure that the feeling is really pleasant and that you can enjoy all your games, our products are made from high-quality ingredients, meet the highest quality standards and are developed entirely in Germany.

Furthermore, many of our products are already free from microplastics and are based on purely natural ingredients. Our condoms, for example, are made with natural and fair trade rubber in a vegan and sustainable way. For good sex and a good conscience.

We are constantly working to make our range even more sustainable and of course we ship our carbon neutral products straight to your door.

Discreetly, of course.

Started at the end of 2016 as a single trade fair in Berlin with two products, today we are an international team of experts, deliver to over 60 countries worldwide and offer more than 100 different products on the subject of sexual well-being and intimate care.

If we don't have a product that fits your preferences, please let us know!

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